Personal Loans & Lines of Credit

Financing to help you reach your goals.

American National Bank of Minnesota takes pride in tailoring loans to meet your financial needs. Our loan offerings are extensive, and our lending staff is experienced. Our goal is to provide excellent service and develop a long-term relationship with you, our customer.

Our Lenders have the freedom to customize loans to fit your financial needs. A variety of payment plans are available.

A Loan Officer is available weekdays, or we can schedule after-hours appointments, and even close loans through the mail when the need arises.

Automate your loan repayment with our automatic loan payment system, and we’ll withdraw the payment from the checking or savings account of your choice on the day you choose!

All of the loans listed on our web site require a completed application to be submitted prior to approval. Based on the requirements of the American National Bank of Minnesota lending policy, if you are interested in working with one of our experienced Lenders, you can contact us or visit one of our offices.


Find the lot you want, and we’ll provide the construction funds to complete your project.

You can even do some of the work yourself to earn more equity.

Funds are advanced as the construction progresses.


Buying a home? How do you find the loan that’s best for you? We have many options to choose from to meet your your needs.


Use the equity in your residence to obtain a line of credit.
The money can be used for any purpose. You choose when and for what.
In many situations, the interest you pay could be tax deductible. We suggest you contact your tax preparer to determine deductibility.


Personal, household, auto, truck, boat, RV, snowmobile, motorcycle, and ATV loans… whether it is an unexpected expense or one of those “toys” in life, American National Bank can help you make that purchase.

Our rates are competitive and our terms are favorable. We can design a loan to fit your lifestyle.


Don’t own your home? Still want a line of credit to make those purchases? Then a personal Line of Credit may be perfect for you. Just ask one of our professional lenders.


An excellent plan for home improvements:

  • It’s a low-interest, no-closing-cost program used to add a room, install a new furnace, or for many other home improvements.
  • American National Bank is an approved MHFA lender. Get the details to qualify from any of our professional lenders.


Your checking account may go below zero. Not to worry, it can happen to anybody. A missing check. You forgot about the ATM withdrawal. You added wrong. We added wrong.

Freedom Overdraft Protection will advance funds into your checking account should the account balance require additional funds to avoid becoming overdrawn.